Hosted by the NCNS at the Horticulture building, Landsdowne Park

Arteast Awards Winners 2015

Hengameh Kamal-Rad

Sculpture Artist

October 20- January 3rd


Hosted by Arteast at the Shenkman Art Centre, Promenade Arteast, Ground Floor

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Artist Statement and Philosophy

October 20-23

Creating is a releasing mechanism for me from tension and emotion during my every day living. I engage with the clay by molding it into my deepest thoughts and feelings, and at the end my work is born through the clay's consciousness. 

Dimensions of Freedom: "Suffering" is shaped by all people on earth; the "Key" to freedom and to heal is truly in realization that "We Humans are One" in this world. 

​Curves is a major theme in my work. Curves form all shapes in nature, in the ocean, in deserts, in snow, in the human body and in the smallest beings.